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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

until i get around to it...

well, i have photos of a couple recent adventures in craft that i need to post, but until then, enjoy the hilarity that happens every single day (really, it's impressive!) at youknitwhat!?!

and soon there'll be pretty pictures. promise.

Friday, February 17, 2006

inspiration strikes!

last night i got home from work, and felt really inspired, for some reason. so i broke out my trusty sewing machine, and got to work...
and created a purse from an old favorite skirt that's just too big on me now (yeah, i'm high fiving myself as i write this...) with vintage (oh, my mom's gonna be pissed if she reads that i refer to her old fabric as vintage... but i think it is... it's more than 25 yrs old...) polka dot lining.
it was so fun to do! tonight i hope to make another knitting needle case to sell next week. i just want fun stuff in my etsy shop. and i have so many ideas, i need to get going on them!
so, that's all for now. hopefully i'll have a productive weekend...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

oh so etsy...

Originally uploaded by selepouchinest.

i've created a simple little card for my etsy shop, girlscantell. here it is!
i've offered to compile a list of etsyians who want to exchange these cards to include them in purchases they mail to customers... free advertising!
if you have an etsy shop and you're interested, send me a message via etsy or craftster!

wooohooo! crossin' somethin' off my big to-do list.
i'm such a list nerd it's ridiculous...

Monday, February 13, 2006

batch number two...

so, we got together last night at the 11th st. lab, despite the blizzardy weather, and created a couple new batches of balm. we finished the tins we promised to up in arms, in taos NM, and have a handful more for consumption by the masses (and by masses, we mean you. have you bought some balm yet?)
this weekend was pretty productive for me, in terms of crafty endeavors, as i finished (or nearly finished) my first alchemy bid - a pleather messenger bag for a lovely harley-loving lady in florida... pictures to follow soon. and i knitted a pink iPod cozy with gray stripes (i'll probably get around to posting a picture of it, too, as i really liked the vertical stripes...) for brian's pink mini, start to finish, on friday night when i was at my parents' house, watching sex & the city.
so, to recap: blizzards = lots of time for making things out of pleather, making iPod cases for coworkers and making lots and lots of lip balm. wheeeee!

Friday, February 10, 2006

HangOvers Rock!

I must start off my saying I have gone out on the town every night this week (besides Tuesday night when I stayed in to watch Kentucky loose to Tennessee, which was a miserable experience) Every night has involved hanging out with friends I have made here inPhiladelphia, drinking as much as possible.

The High Lights of my week were Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights!
Monday I went to Woddy's a wonderfully establishment that has Karaoke up stairs- Best Monday night Fun in the city!!! Wednesday as so much fun- Rachel had a happy hour in my honor at her apartment which was so cute! My great friends at that office of Dagit Saylor chipped in make sure I had a great night! They even remembered my Fav. Beer A DirtyHO. The photo above is from the Party. Rachel has an amazing collection of scarves and every one enjoyed trying them on! Thursday night was a 5 course meal at the very Fancy Restaurant of Gayle (617 S. Third St) with my good friend Sydney Stewart. It was her birthday, My going away and Valentines all raped in one! Friday is my last crazy happy hour, with my Husband's office at Sugar Moms, luckily it is steps from my apartment.

I shove off in my little ford escort, which I call "The Buger" (because its green) with two cats, Roy and Lucy at my side, for the 12 hour endeavor to Cicero, Indiana.

Now I am Off to Get Smashed for the Fifth night in a row!
HangOvers Rock !!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

give me my liver back!

this whole "shanna's moving" week has made my liver hurt, and made me realise my tolerance is super-lower than it used to be. how am i supposed to get my tolerance back up in my favorite gal to drink with is moving to another time zone? (sigh). i'll just have to visit her often...

in any case, we're slated to make another batch of lip balm (queen bee balm! buy it here!) and we're going to experiment by deviating from our original recipe a little by changing up the oils and also trying a new fragrance. hopefully it'll go as well as last time. our super amazing snap tins arrived (from arizona? why'd they take two weeks to get here?) a couple days ago and we're setting out to collect more of our fine ingredients from the market at lunch tomorrow. wooohooo!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Leaving Philly

I am glad that we finaly got this set up.

I am leaving Philadelphia and I have many mixed feelings about the whole move. I will miss all my friends and the City as a whole. I will miss Old City Coffee and Long 2 beer lunches at God Dog. Happy hours at Ferggies and Cheese stakes at midnight. All of those things will be a thing of the past. Although the Firends I have made here are keepers and I can only hope that there will be good times to come.
Vist me in the "Windy City" any time!

Missing Philly already!!

well, here we go!

we've been talking about this for some time now, since we both make stuff all the time, and we both like sharing the things we make. since shanna's leaving and moving to a new city far, far away, it seemed like a good time to get the ball rolling...