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Friday, March 24, 2006

best friday ever!

i can't tell you how excited i was to learn this morning that my "iPod cover of the month club" was chosen as a featured item on the front page of etsy this morning. (that's it in the top left corner on the screen shot... kinda hard to see here, but trust me, it's a GCT item!)

i was SUPER excited. beyond excited. it had to be the best feeling ever.

my only beef with it (can vegetarians use that expression? well, i just did...) is that it's the most expensive thing in my shop - so i hope that doesn't deter customers - i hope no one think i'm selling SINGLE iPod covers for that! part of the reason i started to make covers is because i was too cheap to buy one and think paying more than $15 is scandalous!
but in any case, that's the news here in philly for today. here's hoping it's a great weekend, and also that i get a sale from it (since i've yet to get one).

shanna is the hat making queen! rachel wore a hat by her yesterday (rachel is the queen of wearing hat and scarves, in my opinion). i'm still too chicken to start one, although i did make myself learn how to knit in the round (on double-pointeds) a few weeks ago, so i'm slowly overcoming those fears. whew. it looks great! what a great cause!

cheers! happy friday!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rolled Brim Chemo Cap

I knitted up this hat as a trial for a Chemo Cap for Head Hugger, which is a great organization who gathers hats, for those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. I tried this pattern out from a list that they had. I think it came out nicely, although I think it could be a little longer to cover my ears. It was fun to make and easy.

Today I went to the local thrift store and found a bunch of fabric that I am going to try and use to start my etsy shop! So stay tuned I will post a few here and at my shop which is called FreckledFuzz so stay tuned. By the way I got a new job so no more interviews for me (whaoo!) …. Now I get to go back to work! Crafting will have to be a night time activity!

busy, busy bee

i've been hard at work here in philadelphia... i made a new batch of queen bee balm last week, and it's been doing quite well.
and i've been preparing for two upcoming craft shows: the big art show in west philadelphia on april 1 and a craft show at whole foods on south street (at 10th) on saturday, may 6.
so i've been sewing like a fiend lately. i haven't gotten a chance to take many pictures (but i will), but this is just a one of the goodies i've made so far. more to follow, i promise.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Interview Pro

Not really…… I have been interviewing at architecture firms in the city of Chicago. I have had 4 interviews in the last 2 days and I feel like I could be reaching pro status. Even though I have already had my resume case brake and a pop quiz in my chair sketching abilities, it has been nerve racking but fairly enjoyable. Maybe next week I can start some where, I have my fingers crossed any way, but until then I will craft and chill.

I did quite a bit of sewing before I started interviewing. Above is a new wallet that I made for my self. I have always hated all the wallets that are available in department stores, they just never have the lay out exactly like I want so…. I made my own. It is made from some scraps that I had; I think it turned out quite nicely.

Great Job on the new queen bee balm, I am so excited to get some! I wish I could have been there to help arrange the tins and concocted it with you, I can’t believe the beaker cracked, good save!

oh, it's back. soooo back.

more queen bee balm! back by popular demand!
we just couldn't get enough of our original blend of queen bee balm, so despite living in two different time zones, we made more. shanna was totally there in spirit. it was quite an adventure, as the vessel we usually use to double boil the wax sort of, um, exploded, but luckily it exploded early into the process, so i was able to transfer the contents (at that point, just a block of unmelted wax) into a new container (RIP, 6 cup pyrex measuring cup, it was fun using you for cooking, but no more... you've been sacrificed to the QueenBee gods of balm). after that i was uneventful, if not boring, since my partner in balm wasn't there to giggle (or drink beer and eat pizza) with. boo.

but, it's done. so go gets yours, since we've done and run out of wax, so this will be the last of it til we get around to ordering more... oh, and you can get Queen Bee Balm at UpInArms in taos, NM, if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods, as they recently received their shipment...

i've got more stuff to post, too. new bags, since my sewing machne is totally back, thanks to mazzola's repair, in south philly. even if he called me sharon all morning, the man is my hero, fixing my bobbin case like it was no one's business.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Out and about....

Today my main goal was to pick up some 11x17 paper for my portfolio. It was an ordeal that took all day. The weather was beautiful here today, 50’s and sunny, a nice change from the rain! I walked to Office Depot to find the paper; I took this photo along the way, just out side my apartment. I had a wonderful walk even though my trip was not a success. I did how ever find a Mega Salvation Army store, which had 3 floors worth of craziness. I did not buy any thing - but it was fun to look.

After walking back I got on the computer and found the paper at a Comp USA. Which was down town on the corner of Michigan Avenue, I don’t know what I was thinking but I drove downtown at rush hour to get my paper. It an enlightening experience, but a successful one.

When you move to a new city the simple undertaking of finding paper becomes an adventure!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Portfolio Hu? Oh I do that Tomorrow!

So After sending 19 resumes out on Tuesday I took Wednesday for my self and I finally got my sewing machine out of it's dusty case! My Granny bought me a brand new Singer a few years a go and I must say I have only used it a few times, but yesterday was “The Singers” big Day! I sewed from Noon to 6:00 – that is 6 good hours of creating! I must say I had to pull out the manual to remind my self how to load the bobbin, but it all went well and I created 2 new things. One, a new curtain to go under the sink, since we do not have any cabinet doors to hide all the products that we keep (I won’t get into it that). The other which I am SUPPER excited about is a Needle keeper for all my Knitting Stuff! Check it out and see what you think. I used some fabric that I had laying around from my Shopping trip with Sara and a few other Dagit Saylor samples, I believe I am very pleased with the out come!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

some words of wisdom...

got some words of wisdom from a, um, wise person today.. those words were:
ball fringe.
that's right. so don't be surprised when everything in my etsy shop from now on is infected with it. don't be all "where'd this come from?" or "what's with the ball fringe?". because this is your warning.
when someone imparts such wisdom, my friends, you should never turn a deaf ear. even if you're wearing pretty earrings.
ball fringe bandwagon, here i come.

Monday, March 06, 2006

foiled again by...

white shirts.
why can't i just be a normal person who has the ability to wear a white shirt without spilling or squirting or writing on or staining it in some way?
damn you, white shirts.
one day i will conquer you and your stain-attracting ways.

the "knitting" bag

our dear friend j-me, one of the incredible people behind in my pants and mastermind of a philadelphia story, is no knitter. but she's a frequent attendee at our stitch-n-bitch sessions, and we love her for bringing a whole bevy of fashion magazines instead of yarn and needles.
so, in going through a pile of clothes that i was procrastinating giving to goodwill, i decided to reuse one of my favorite teeshirts. j-me's posted a great photo on her blog, so i swiped it to repost here. so this is her custom-made "knitting" bag.

Moving Sucks-

Hi- Hi – I finally got around to posting! Wahoo! With the whole move I have been so out of the loop so to speak. Yet I have been thinking about the Queenbeeblog (No I have not forgotten). I wanted my first post in my new city to be a Chicago photo, but seeing that I am going on 3 days with out leaving my apartment, I figured that I should go ahead and post something else. So you are looking at a baby blanket that I am working on for my friend Amy, she is due next week, so needless to say it will not be finished for the new baby girls arrival in to this wonderful world, but I have made it a primary goal to get it done as soon as possible. This is my own design and my friend Amy has always had a thing for the color purple. I love all colors therefore I figured why not go crazy cute with colors! It may also help the little one learn her colors when that time comes. Sara is surely passing me up on the whole etsy movement- but I am working that way really! I will try and post a few other things I am knitting here later in the week!

Ps. Sara I love the new I-pod cover of the month club, you rock! What a great idea!!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

for my favorite biker lady:

etsy has a great feature called alchemy - where if you just can't find something you really want, you can post a listing and crafters on etsy make bids on creating the item for you.
my first foray into the great world of etsy was a pleather biker bag for divinitydesigns.etsy.com. first, i should begin by saying it was fated from the start, as i had literally been trying to think of something awesome to do with a yard of pleather i had lying about the day before. so i answered her bid and we knew we both had the same idea of what the bag should be.
so i went over to fabric row, and nervously selected what would be a cotton lining. i wanted something bright, so she could find things easily when she was out, and something fun, because it was a one of a kind bag, and i wanted it to look it! so i found some great circle-printed fabric, in what i was happy to hear are harley colors. so divinitydesigns was thrilled, and i was excited for the challenge.
so i cut and sewed and then did some seamripping (i can't finish anything without changing my mind or making some silly oversight and needing my wonderful seamripper... well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but i still love that little tool...) and them more sewing.
then i took pictures, and sent them off, via etsy messages (with the added "add image" feature just in place) for approval. and i got glowing responses, so i continued. then i finished the shell and the lining, so i requested divinitydesigns take a measurement for a strap length. and so i did the strap and finished the bag. i sent more pictures, so she'd know what to expect, and she makes me blush with her compliments.
and mailed it and waited, still nervous, even though i knew she already loved it from the pictures, but it was my first custom order, so i wanted all to go well before i patted myself on the back.
and the bag arrived, and my awesome customer is at bike week as we speak, and is still raving about my bag every chance she gets. i'm just so thrilled she liked it and that i got to do something useful with the pleather! what a perfect deal!

so, that's the bag. the awesome, alchemy biker chic bag. woohoo!

never before seen...

since our internet here at the apartment is actually pretty speedy today, i'll take full advantage and post some projects that aren't for sale on etsy, but that i was pleased with just the same...
this is the iPod mini cover i knitted for brian in the office, for his pink mini. i was especially pleased with the fact that i made the stripes vertical, not that that is any special achievement, but i really liked it.
i think i need to start bugging shanna about blogging! i know they have internet now in their new place! hmm... maybe with the change in time zones, she forgot all about the queenbeeblog... :)

the newest thing i have cooking up at etsy is an iPod cover of the month club! i have seen a couple people sell a lip balm of the month, notecard of the month or other things, but i've never seen an iPod cover of the month, so hopefully it'll catch on. i mean, who wants their iPod in the same outfit in winter as in august? seasonality! plus, if you happen to forget someone's birthday, but receive your trusty cover in the mail, instant present! and i think i priced them reasonably - the reason i started making covers in the first place was because it was ridiculously hard to find one for less than $20, much less one i liked. so i think my covers solve that dilemma nicely... go check out girlscantell.etsy.com!

Friday, March 03, 2006

stomach viruses rock!

so, since i was struck with some terrific stomach flu, or something wretched like that on tuesday, i spared my coworkers and stayed home wednesday (i would hate to have been responsible for a whole office feeling as miserable as i did) and i spent the day alternately on the couch watching bad movies and at my sewing machine.
and i finally created a needle roll specifically to sell on etsy. i'd made my first for missy for christmas, then i got all jealous and wanted one for myself, so i made a too-cute orange with the black polka-dot lining one to keep, then bethany came over the other night and i sweatshopped myself out and made her one... so after everyone urged me to do it, i've finally posted one available to the masses. i have to admit, the fabric is so cute, i just love it. it's animals prancing around, then it's lined with this super-soft brown fabric with a slight sheen to it and a really lightweight tealish/blue, and the pockets are a great soft hunter corduroy. it will probably be kind of sad to see it go, since i don't have more of many of the fabrics and it really is one of a kind, but i'm sure some happy knitter will give it a good home.