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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Long days

Long days

The days here in Chicago are long. I am not sure if it is the time difference or what but I feel like the days go on forever. I am busier then I have ever been with work which makes me sad at times because my personal creating time has significantly diminished but I find that I can steal moments here and there to day dream about the creative things that I want and will do some day.
My camera is a gift that I retrieve creative energy from, for it only takes a small moment to snap the button but the image can capture a feeling or energy forever. Above is a photo I took last week at lunch. I have been knitting in Daley plaza which is conveniently located across from my office. Tulips are my favorite flowers and the square has been in full bloom

I have a hard time parting with the creative things I make, unless its art work, for some reason I have never thought my painting or drawings were good enough to keep so most of the time they are given away to family members. As for my fiber arts well I have been trying to get my etsy shop set up what 6 months and it just isn’t happening. That is my goal for the month of May is to post at least 5 things by the end of the month. That’s a reasonable goal I think.

This is a satchel bag that I made out of recycled fabric from a dress that I found at the Salvation Army. I loved the fabric at first glance, just my color and style maybe that is why I had to keep the bag once it was finished. It has been very handy for my travels back and forth to work, although it is not very professional I have really enjoyed it. Three inside pockets and two out side always allow me to feel like I have lost something only to find it hiding in one of the other 4 pockets and it always seam like there is room for just one more thing.

Monday, April 24, 2006

oh, snap!

featured again! and, like a true nerd, i was sure to snap a screenshot so i could share with all of you devoted fans of the queen bee blog. this time the girlscantell piece is in the bottom left-hand corner.
so, yep. another friday made awesome by the nice boys of etsy admin. and, what made this even sweeter is that the bag actually sold! sweet! after all, that is the point of being featured, no? i convo'ed jared to thank him for choosing the bag, and he said that he chose it because it was made from a skirt and turned into a purse, and reuse was the theme for the day. i'm still hoping he'll pick the dino iPod cover he hearted as a featured item soon.
so that's that. i've been a busy busy person preparing for the craft shows and still trying to update the shop 4 or 5 times a week. this is hard work! but i love it, so i don't mind. it's probably the best second job ever!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

where to put your money

at the BIG ART SHOW in west philly at the beginning of the month, i got to meet fun local artists and mingle and sell (mostly lip balm and potholders... odd, but whatever) stuff. but i go a great custom order for a wallet from a really sweet local jewelry artist. it was probably the most flattering custom order (or order in general) yet, as i wanred her i'd not ever made a wallet, but she had confidence that i could and would make one she liked. sweet! i'm always up for a challenge, so i was ecstatic. and above is the result! i really liked making it. i might have to make one for myself now (i bought a new wallet, but am slightly less than thrilled with it). i don't know why i have such issues making things for myself, but i just don't like to keep my own things. am i a freak? (yes, but not as much a freak as tomcat.
so yeah, that, and i've begun posting sales for my shop on myspace - to kind of test out how many people pay attention to these things, and to sort of reward people for wading through countless stupid bulletins. add me to your friends!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On my LIST!!

list person... I feel like I have always been a list person. Although I have noticed it more since I have made the transition to Chicago. I keep a note pad next to my desk and in my bag; when my mind starts to wonder and I dream of doing things other then my current task - I jot it down. Not a bad thing I guess, it is just something I have noticed lately. I keep a list of what I want to do, what I need to do as well as what I am going to do. Tonight I am catching up on my craft documentation as well as a few less fun things. I have a hard time getting a lot done since I work until 7 or so every night! Yuck!!

Any way…. Above is a little hat that I knitted a few weeks ago, it actually ended up a fairly big hat when I took it off the needles. It was fun and fast, I did my own pattern so it came out a little cone shaped, but still wearable. I worked with splashing colors (not the technical term of course) – which was fun and easier then I though it would be.

I have also posted a bag that I made for a girl who lives in Louisiana; it is a dipper bag with lots of pockets. I worked off of the Amy Butler Nappy bag Pattern. It was fun. I am not very good at following directions so it was a challenge but, I think it turned out fairly dead on. I even surprised my self. I may have to make a few more now that I know what I am doing. –

I also want to share this web site I found called Local Harvest; it allows you to find local farmers selling things they have grown/made. I really like the wool and fibers page! When I get my first “real” paycheck I just might have to buy some. I would love to work with dieing my own yarn as well as spinning, which I have tried but have never had success. Okay… see you in a few days. (I promise) shm

Thursday, April 13, 2006

i have a new hero

my friend, erin, is fantastic. she's just the bees knees, seriously. so when she offered to let me use her silkscreen set up to do some projects on, i was soooooo psyched. i can't even begin to tell you.
here's an example of what we did on our first adventure in making together. pretty sweet, if you ask me. the deer is a drawing katrina did, erin helped me screen it, and i sewed it up into a tote. there's some excellent collaboration!
the green has kind of a vinyl-y backing, with green something woven on top of it, so it's super sturdy. and the pink is just sweet. i lerv it. lerv, lerv, lerv.
i'm going to go into super-maker-mode again this weekend, as i prep for two upcoming craft shows - one at whole foods on may 6, one at the society hill synagogue may 7.
fingers crossed for productivity!

dear windy city,

what have you done to my crafty friend? have you sucked out her creative juices?
will you tell her to post? this crafty lady misses seeing her stuff!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


hello! we've had some crazy, mixed up weather here in philly. it wants to be spring so badly, but then it snows like crazy for 10 minutes before it's sunny and april again. bleh.
i had the BIG ART SHOW on satruday (i don't know why it merits caps to me, but it does. i guess it's cause it's called the BIG art show, as opposed to medium sized art show...). it was excellent. sold lots of queen bee balm (original as well as new and improved). sold lots of potholders (weird, i wasn't expecting that) and got a custom order, which is awesome.

this little guy was posted for sale on etsy yesterday, and jared, one of the admin's, has him flagged as one of his personal favorites, which rocks. didn't sell iPod covers much at the show, which struck me as weird, but whatever. maybe they'll sell on may 6 at the whole foods craft show?

more good stuff to come! including more info on the NEW and IMPROVED QBB!