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Thursday, May 25, 2006

foot fetish

The first warm/humid day has arrived here in Chicago, leaving me with the inspiration to buy some Summer Shoes! –

I am so excited! Being the bargain shopper that I am, only $9.99 can you believe it and they are cute! If my feet don’t swell and blister up - I may just have to go back for a second or a third pair at that price. I have been obsessed with women’s feet for the past 2 weeks. Looking at all women’s feet…on my way to and from work, lunch…. I can only hope it is over.
On the crafting home front I have started some socks to go along with my foot fetish. I have had longs dreams of knitting socks but never gotten the whole turn the heal thing. So I have found a pattern to knit them in the “flat” then add a after though heal and toe.The book that inspired this was twisted sister sock workbook! It’s wonderful that talks about dieing and spinning as well as kitting beautiful socks. I will let you know how that goes. Above is the photo of my start. I bought the hand died yarn off etsy this mother daughter team makes beautiful yarn and I am definitely going to buy a complimentary color for the heal and the toe. I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend. I finally feel like spring/summer has arrived here in the lake area. But as I have learned in the past it could be just a joke.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

where i work

no, not my office. i thought i'd give you a sneak peak of where all the girlscantell magic happens. i used a singer 328k, circa 1961, for all my sewing, and, more recently, embroidering. it's a tank and i loooooove it. isn't it fun seeing other people's work spaces? i've begun the process of house-buying in south philly, and one of the major criteria i've been considering in my hunt is adequate space for my work area, so i can continue in my slow process of world domination via tote bags.
in other news, my work is now available not only in the world of e-commerce on etsy, but is also available in person (and online) soon at up in arms, the curiosity shoppe at fourth and south in philadelphia and at kebbie loves ken, a small funky shop in skaneatales, ny (that's upstate, i'm told). and i'll be represented in small form at the art star bazaar in olde city philadelphia this weekend, if you're in town, check it out. like i said. world domination via stripes and polka dots. ; )

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

lots of new schtuff

okay, so i may just have to refer you all to my flickr page since i have so much new stuff. seriously. more silkscreening with erin and i've made a ton of totes, zip pouches, purses, etc. it's been awesome. here's hoping they sell quickly on etsy. things have been going well there lately.
last night, i had my first etsy related injury - i was cutting bookmarks and business cards on the coffee table with an exacto, and i suffered the worst exacto cut i've ever had. i stabbed myself clear in the leg - about my mid thigh. i thought about photographing it (gross, but true) so i could share it with the etsy-world, most of whom i know could sympathize with injuring ones own limbs to promote their shops, but decided not to. plus, it was bleeding profusely and chris would have really thought i was actually insane. i mean, he suspects it, but photographing the gash in my leg might have pushed it over the top. suffice to say it's a doozy. but it's just a leg. it'll heal. and, as chris always says, my legs are tanks (sort of) from all my running, so i'm sure it'll be okay in due time. and now i'm seriously considering hiring somewhere to print and cut my promo materials. ick.

so, to recap - i'll probably be around at first fridays this week (may 5).
may 6 - whole foods craft fair on south / 10th - all afternoon.
may 7 - society hill synagogue - all day.

see you then!