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Friday, June 30, 2006

Cindyart98 - shanna's etsy pick

Cynthia Schiebar

Berry-liscious Purple

Spectacular Swirl Scroll

Mellow Yellow Triangular

Cindy creates some wonderful pieces that are all compleatly original of the highest quality!!
I love all the wire swirls you can check out more of her work at this site.

pretty funny

a few people have sent me the link to today's married to the sea because it is (a) hilarious and (b) about rowhouses.
i laughed out loud the first time i saw it.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

gemmafactrix - sara's etsy pick

teaparty earrings (custom order)

mingle earrings

apple and saffron necklace

brooke medlin is one talented artist. she works mostly in metals to create gorgeous, out of this world jewelry from scratch. i think what i like most about her work is the saturation of color and the simplicity of form - she carries her style through not only to the finished product, but into the photography she uses in her store. she has an amazing eye for capturing what makes a piece intriguing and it's just a pleasure to poke around at her most recent listings (as she's a firm believer in listing a new item several times daily - inspiring? yes.) in her interview at etsy (she was a featured seller in april) she says how she enjoys doing things to take her mind off of things, like haiku and crossword puzzles. so, gemmafactrix, if ever your daydreams of being on the ocean need to become reality, just give me a call and we'll take a ride out to the shore in my little convertible, and you can enlighten me on japanese pastry. it'll be awesome.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Monkey Around!

While my girl has been buying houses and escalating into an “etsy” supper star. I have just been trying to take one day at a time, but I feel like it’s all just a bunch of monkey business and my creative juices are on low. However I have managed to finish a wonderful fall scarf that will be great a great addition to someone’s scarf collection. Check it out I even put it on my etsy site. I am so excited it is my first post. I have been addicted to this site, checking it every day buying- wonderful yarns, but I have never gotten my act together to be a seller ….. But today I did it! Wahoo. . .

By the way Congrats Philly girl on the new house I can’t wait to see it.

Also I love the Idea of us picking a few great sellers/items to show on our blog-
What great advertising for that lucky person… what do you think?

new house

so, i know i keep mentioning that i'm buying a house. it's probably all i ever think about (well, that and etsy and chocolate chip cookies, to be honest). i even combined two of these things together and made my avatar on etsy my new house. i know i posted a photo of christopher (aka nerdburger, aka my boyfriend the librarian) in front of a house a few days ago, but since that was posted, i scrapped my offer on that house (RIP, pope house) and instead made an offer on a better house. what makes it better? well, the asking price was better, for starters. but also, it's already clean on the inside - no icky, dirty, smoky shag carpet that older than me, no fake wood panelling hiding layers of dingy wallpaper, it doesn't need a new roof yet and it's never had termite, and, my favorite, it's three bedrooms, not two. yippee! this means i can have a guest room and a sewing room (aka girlscantell world headquarters). plus, the kitchen in the new house is super tiny, which means i get to rip down a stupid wall and redesign the kitchen! i know it sounds weird to be excited about that, but i totally am. i'll have to do before and after photos, TLC style. i absolutely can't wait. i'm already assembling a big binder full of ideas and inspirations for the kitchen, the exterior, the backyard and colors that i love. this is toooooo much fun. i am the biggest house-having nerd ever. i honestly don't think i've ever been so excited about something in my life. how giddy and excited i am actually makes me begin to question if i'm really old enough to own a house, but then i think if i wasn't excited about it, there would be something horribly wrong and i should be buying. so i think the issue of over-excitement is really less of an issue. let the countdown to july 20th begin: 22 days!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

finally 100

well, today was amazing and i finally hit 100 sales in my etsy shop. i can't believe it - i haven't even had it open for 6 months yet! (almost, but not quite - i started selling on january 3). pictured above is the 100th item to officially sell - a zip pouch, of course, silkscreen with a lovely little bicycle, on some of my favorite fabric, warm orange stripes that i'd originally purchases for a special order for mLee. today was also exciting because i got a package in the mail with three things i'd traded for and bought on etsy - a lino print, some glamorous red earrings and, most exciting of all, a set of gorgeous tags to sew into my bags! i'm so excited. the print is from http://rainyprints.etsy.com, the earrings are from http://redpolka.etsy.com and the tags are from http://rohmcustom.etsy.com. they're all super high quality and were all packaged and shipped so well. it felt like i was opening presents (well, presents i paid for, but still...)
and the last thing that completely made my day today was coming up with an idea for a collaboration between another etsy artist and myself. we've worked out a lot of details, but i'm sure i'll talk more about that as we make progress on the project. it's going to be awesome! i can't wait!
so. enough gushing for one day. this has been an excellent week. and it's only tuesday...

Monday, June 26, 2006

last call

well, lately i have lots of reasons to have a major clearing out of my shop.
things have been going well, consignment-wise, so i'm putting together major packages for the lovely places i consign and also, (i know i've talked about this at great length) i'm preparing to move. so many of the purses, handbags, totes, clutches and zip cases in my shop are going to be unlisted from my etsy shops and sent off to brick and mortar shops to find their owners. it makes me kind of sad, as many of these items have people who "call them a favorite", but they just can't sit all lifeless and unused in my (tiny) apartment forever... they must go one to fulfill their destinies in the hands of funloving chicks all over the country.
help give them a home! pass some links on to your friends who might like these one of a kind goodies!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

jcasa - etsy pick of the week

felt freezy pops

box of books

floating blue blaze family sized bowl

so, i first discovered jcasa's etsy shop because she has what is possibly the world's most adorable avatar, and i was complimenting her on it. well, since then we've become etsy friends (asking each other advice, doing a little trading, etc) and she's just the bee's knees. she lives in ohio, and has twins! and is a super talented artist. you can tell she's just one of those people that can't help but make wonderful things by the wide range of goodies in her shop - from beautiful glazed earthenware, to papergoods that are too cute to use to delicate little tissue cases (must be useful when you have two little twins running around with two little noses!). and she's just as sweet as can be.
so the photos above are three items i've picked from her shop that i just love. but go check it out, and fall in love with a completely different set of good stuff - there's lots more in there to love.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

things are good

i've been working on lots of little projects lately, and one bigger project. my little projects include these earrings. i bought about 3 dozen pairs of white hoop earrings and have been having the best time making them more fun. i just listed the first pair in my etsy shop, but i won't be listing many there, instead i'll be selling them at the big art show on july 22. you should come check it out! i'll also have gobs of my usual purses, totes and other fun goodies. and it takes place right after the scheduled closing on my house, so i'm sure i'll be bouncing off the walls...
i'm also still working on a lovely "man jewelry" box for a lovely couple in california. it's great fun, once i get over my initial fear of touching the project a few times a week. i'm a bit intimidated by the idea of doing woodworking for others as a commission, but i'm not entirely sure why. it's just very different than what i've been doing the past year or so. but wood is a medium i absolutely love... i missed zap a gap and my trusty exacto, and i didn't even realize it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

exciting few weeks!

this has been an amazing month so far, and it's only half over.
i'm in the market for a house. my first house, and i am super excited about it. i found one i like, a little two bedroom rowhouse in south philly, so i'm in the process of negotiating with the owners for it. it'll require a bit (and by a bit i mean a pretty good amount) of work, but to me that's the most exciting part! all the decisions to be made, all the hard work, effort and hours i'll have to put in that will make the house truly mine. i am so tired of renting - of living somewhere tentatively, of not really being able to carve out a space that's exactly what you want. i love our apartment now - it has a high ceiling, a fantastic roofdeck, it's nice and open, and we live in a great neighborhood. but it just pales in comparison to the thought of having a house that i can paint and put in new floors, and add shelves without the fear of not getting back a security deposit... the very idea of not having to share a washing machine with our bitchy downstairs neighbors sends chills of excitement down my spine. seriously.
the other really cool thing that happened this week is that i popped up into the etsy "top 100 sellers" page. yippee! how did that even happen? as i type, i'm #89. i'm sure this will change, and i know i'll soon be too busy to put in enough time to sustain this accomplishment (um, reread the previous paragraph if you're unsure why) but it's an honor to be up there. and fun to click every day to see where my avatar will fall this time... yesterday i got a little bummed out because i usually just scan the bottom row - #91-100 - to look for myself. and i wasn't in the bottom row. and i thought, "bummer" (yeah, i think dorky words like "bummer"). so i glanced up the list, and low and behold, i had bobbed my way up to #86! yippee!
so, that was the highlight of my monday.

i'm going to try to post here a little more often. i wish my cohort, shanna, would, too, but i think she's all busy and important at her job in chicago. boo. it sure has been nice out here lately. makes me wish she was here so we could walk to the park and eat lunch.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

everything works if you let it

i'm a mentor on etsy, and i met a really amazing artist through a question she asked. she's so sweet! she posted a pair of that girl earrings (yeah, you're super jealous) for me as a totally unnecessary thank you. it completely made my week.
so, i'm just so antsy all the time. i want to spend all my free hours making things to post and sell in my shop, but i just don't have enough hours in the day. i've been househunting lately, trying to find the perfect south philly rowhouse to completely revamp into a rowhouse of awesomeness, and it's just not as fun a task as one might imagine. most south philly rowhouses are the same, really, so it's not very interesting, and when you're looking for houses as inexpensive as the ones i'm looking at, well. it's kind of depressing at times. and even less exciting than looking at a slew of granny houses? shopping for mortgages. and bickering with Penn-DOT.

so. i feel like i'm on the verge of awesomeness in my shop. as soon as i have time. really. consider this your warning.