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Thursday, August 31, 2006

the green spatula

inspired by a thread on the etsy forums, noelle from pinkbathtub and i decided to collaborate and make a set of recipe cards in their own coordinating zipper case. we called it the green spatula and it features 5 delicious recipes (all vegan) perfect for summer. noelle printed the brilliant cards and i made the cases and handwrote all the recipes. i think the set is absolutely stellar, and i was so proud to post it in my shop, especially after taking a few days off from posting because of the move and whatnot... the set is a limited edition, so when it's gone, it's gone, although we plan on doing a set each season, so you can collect a whole lot of fantasticness or give a set to each of your friends.
the recipes are:
appetizer: olive tapenade
salad: pear walnut salad
entree: lentil wheat burgers
side: carrot chickpea couscous
dessert: strawberry pie

so, while they're all vegan, i think even carnivores would love this summer fare. doesn't it make you want to pop open some wine and hang out with friends?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Art Fest.



I went to a really great Art festival last weekend. - There were so many talented artists that it was hard to get out of there with out spending my whole paycheck. I did how ever end up with a really wonderful Asian inspired wool Jacket that my mom bought for me as a belated birthday gift. It is great and I even get to add my own touch to it. The arms on it are a little short so I am going to add my own cuffs. I don’t know how I am going to do it just yet but once I get it finished I will photograph it for all to see.

Above are two artists that I found to be inspiring and over flowing with creativity.

The first is SCRAPPYNATION artist Sara Steedman makes each animal with an unlimited amount of thoughtfulness with every creation. If I was a little one I would love to have my bed overflowing with her imaginative handmade stuffed animals.

The other artist whose craftsmanship was amazing was PIECESDESIGNS; Kristen Holub . Her metal smith abilities rocked my world. I just had to grab a card and hope that she had a website, Turns out she does… check it out.

I love craft fairs … they are so inspiring! Congratulations to those Artists who have the spunk to put out your hand made goodies out for the world to appreciate!

Friday, August 25, 2006

knithappens - sara etsy pick

okay, i've been trying to upload photos from her shop for days now, and it won't let me. which is a shame, since they were great photos.
until i can upload them here, go check out:
the mini morkers
pippi longstockings
and some twins.

in honor of shanna's obvious knitting problem, which i could have diagnosed in february (it's not a new obsession for you, shanna!), i present my pick of the week.
let me explain how i began interacting with ms. hall.
it was after my 99th sale, and i posted in the forums that i was ecstatic and waiting for my 100th sale. and as i was posting, the lovely knithappens stole into my shop and became my 100th etsy sale. because she's sweet like that.
well, if that were the end of the story, it would be a lovely little tale of "oh, how nice". but since i jumbled up her package, the story continues. she ordered a zip pouch, one of two that i made that were very similar in design and fabric, but in my mind, still fairly different. i wrapped her package and filled out the customs form and mailed it off before i looked closer at the transaction and realized i had sent something close, but not exactly what she wanted (along with a whole mess of goodies, since she was my special 100th sale) and i felt awful about it. so i sent her a little message, explaining my mixup and promising to send either the right zippy case, or another one to make up for my mistake. lo and behold, the correct zippy case had completely vanished when i went to mail it (and months later has yet to resurface...). so i set about making a new pouch, and mailed it off.
a week or so later, when it arrives, knithappens sends me the sweetest, most heartfelt little note of glee upon receiving the replacement case, and she insisted on paying me for the second case, which of course, i declined. i can't accept payment for a case sent because of my own error. she keeps telling me that it's okay then, karma will take care of it.
and a few weeks after that, i'm working on my sweet new little house, and i get a package through the door. from england. from knithappens. inside is a most beautiful pair of twin gloves that she knitted expressly for me, since i had hearted a pair in her shop. totally unnecessary, just sent out of the kindness of her heart. with a sweet little note inside.
basically, the point of my story is that this lady is the absolute nicest, most wonderful, thoughtful person anyone could hope to ever interact with. she's nothing but positive, understanding and caring. i could rave about how i LOVE her knits, how she's a breath of fresh air to the world of knitting, how she has a fantastic eye for color and everything she does is so precious and well thought out. but you can see that for yourself. i thought this story might give you a little insight into the creator of all the lovelies you see at http://knithappens.etsy.com. and did i mention her shop's clever name makes me smile every time i see it? she's the best.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

12 Hour days.... Got to love them!!

Lots of worked with no time for knitting - okay very little, in the last few days I have realized that I have a real problem. I really have begun to believe that I am addicted to knitting – It sounds silly but if I am not at home knitting, I am in public knitting.. (Example: My 1st cubs game last Friday) and if I’m at work, every third thought is about knitting. I have a problem … but at least it’s a legal creative problem.

Above are some booties that I finished at the Cubs game- who are they for one might ask, good question since I only know one person, who lives 600 miles away, who having a child right now and I don’t think pink will suit her new baby boy. I guess that’s why last weekend I finished 3 sets of booties. See I am addicted.

I knitted them from a pattern that I had previously used several times and I never liked the results. Although after using my own dyed yarn and switching to dp needles mid pattern…. It turns out that is a lovely pattern. I guess that’s why I woke up at 5 am this morning with the thought that I was defiantly going to order 4 more skeins of that yarn to dye.
Sara we will catch up soon- the time change sucks I could never figure it out before I moved but now I understand that one-hour can flip you off cycle. – The concrete counter top idea rocks and so does the guy’s web site who is going to do them! Is cork a good material for high traffic areas? Just wandering… Sounds fun!

human wrecking balls

oh man.
over the weekend, christopher and i wrecked it. we demolished most of the kitchen in the better part of two days, and it was a crapload of work. but... the kitchen is going to look amazing, thanks to the fact that there are no longer floor to ceiling mirrors in what was the dining room, that the refridgerator can now be in the same room as the stove, there are no more gross 8x12 tiles on the wall and we're raising the ceiling height. my amazing friend justin has agreed to build me custom concrete countertops and i couldn't be more thrilled. so now i need to do some research into the cabinets + cork floors.
on the etsy front, things have been slow in my shop since i haven't had time to stop and figure out what way is up, much less post new things (or make said things to post, really). i gave bethany mimi's laptop tote last night and she flipped over it (it IS super cute, i think). bethany is probably one of my favorite customers, and also one of the best people to enjoy a yogurt cone from ikea with.

finally, one thing has been bothering me a bit lately (well, not like losing sleep bothering, but i just am stumped by it). that is: why hasn't anyone bought fred? does no one like him? does dwell magazine offend people? (that is a joke, dwell is a brilliant publication). he has 800+ views, yet no one has wanted to shell out about $20 to take him home. and he's absolutely stunning, i swear. that fabric is so amazing.
that's all for now.
that, and i wish chicago wasn't a whole time zone away. shanna! i miss you! sorry we can't ever catch each other on the phone!

Friday, August 18, 2006

all you need is love - the pick from philly

long shirt, short dress


lonely pear

typically, i feel like when you see an artist tackling as broad a range of media as jillian of all you need is love, there are obvious weak points or the artist is a jack of all trades and master of none. this is very much NOT true of jillian's shop. it boasts over 100 items, each just as amazing as the next. from jewelry to reworked clothing to original paintings to accessories to curating a fine assortment of photography... it's just so much fun to peak through. jillian is a full time art student and works in a fine tea cafe (no coffee! stop asking!), and i love the tone of her listings. it feels like she's just chatting with you. i believe she's occasionally to be found, among other fine etsyans, at the south end open market, in boston. if you see her, tell her i said hi.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In Luv with DYE

I have been toying with the idea of dyeing my own yarn for a month or so … I researched many dyeing processes and found that for first timers, koolAid dying is the way to go…

This past weekend I finally accomplished my goal- 2 beautiful skins from a wonderful local farm are now eye pleasingly bold colors. I am so pleased with the results, I may never buy pre-dyed wool again. It was so easy and very rewarding to watch the white yarn turn to a unique color before my eyes. I also found out that if you don't like the results on your first dye you can just re-dye it. Check out my photos...



O ya!
Also I finally started my own flickr site so check it out…..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

charmpits and other photos of note

bag for bschell


demo tute
this is my dad.

dear man using the jackhammer on broad st.,
stop it.

[today's post will just be some photos and links, because of said jackhammer.]

Friday, August 11, 2006

katrinakaye - Shanna’s Etsy Pick Of the Week-

So… I am a little behind on my Picks! I have 2 reasons for that…. one there are so many awesome sellers on Etsy that I just can’t decide on one, but my main reason is just plain Procrastination! Haha

katrinakaye creates Beautiful handcrafted Recycled bags.
If you love big patterns and exquisite color combinations these bags are for you! This pair who creates while laughing and singing, ship their wonderful bags from Amsterdam to the rest of the world. They are recycled army bags matched with original Scandinavian 60’s and 70’s printed fabric see your self, these bags are truly Groovy.



Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Racing to Knit

I spent all day last Sunday at the Brick Yard 400 NASCAR Race in Indianapolis with my Dad and other family. It was an extremely hot day, but as always we had a great time grilling out before and hanging out in the stands. Once again the Water Fan saved my life I really need to invest in one instead of bumming off those around me.
There was a group of about 20 of us - (I will have to post the group photos some time… what I really need to do is hook up my own flicker site like my girl Sara!- she rocks)

The one great compliment I received on Sunday was a guy telling me that he would have never dreamed he would see some a chick knitting while attending a NASCAR event. I thought it was a perfect combo; the unbelievable speed of cars flying past my eyes paired the meditation of my yarn turning round and round on my needles. By the end of the weekend I had finished knitting 3 baby hats. I decided that it was a sign that baby hats are my new thing. They are so fast to knit up and they are an unlimited creative palate. The ones above are for that girlfriend of yours
who is blessed with twins.

To top off my weekend we got a beautiful photo of a little humming bird that frequents the feeder behind my mom’s house! Isn’t she cool?

off for the week

so, much to my delight, i have this week off of work. so i'm working on the house most of the week. and also, trying to post three items to my etsy shop each day. which is a job in and of itself, because it means after spackling and drywalling, i need to come home and sit in front of the sewing machine (which i really should name already).
but my goal is to finish the special order laptop case for bethany and to make a certain number of sales in the time i have off (but i won't tell anyone what the number is because i don't want to artificially spark any pity sales). and my other goal is to get to the beach. so fingers crossed the air conditioner guy will finish his work today - then not only will i have air conditioning in the house (YIPPEE!) but i'll get to go to the beach tomorrow. sweeet!
so. that's all.
here's to a week of sweating and putty and sanding and 'free time'.

Friday, August 04, 2006

ex-boyfriend - sara's etsy pick o' the week

peter and polly's happy hour

robot romance shirt

'i'd rather be making out' button
oh, ex-boyfriend. even the name makes me grin. the wit and creative eye of this slick couple from baltimore is definitely not lost on me. i love, love, love the wry sarcasm found in just about every aspect of ex-boyfriend collection. from the graphics (clever throwbacks and a salute to modern classics) to the tone of the listing descriptions, you just kind of want to be friends with smartie-pants meredith and her talented boyfriend (well, i do anyway). i've chosen three of my favorites from their shop, but it was a hard choice, as everything they offer is pretty funny. so, what i'm saying is: you have friends. you need to buy them gifts on occasion. keep these kids in mind come mandatory shopping time.