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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where have I been?

Good question- I have been traveling around the US. This past month.

Over Labor Day Weekend I went to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my very best friend Laura Ann. I had a superb 3-day visit. We did some wonderful things like.. Going to a local book festival, a firework show, and Laura’s 1st yarn store. I even taught her to knit! We went out to dinner with a few of my great friends from Lexington who is now new residents of Atlanta. We ended my trip with an unforgettable hilly bike ride and a pedicure. Whenever we are together we have a good time. I was able to get to know her Man Victor; who is great and wants the world to know that his name is actually pronounced with a "B" sound and not a "V". I knitted him a new hat for the winter trip Laura and Victor will make to Chicago, he has never seen snow.

I also just returned from a fabulous trip to Philadelphia, with my Husband Gene. We had an awesome trip. We were able to catch up with most of the friends that we really miss. We arrived on Thursday and Headed straight to one of our fav. Old hang outs Furgies. My 2 great friends Vivek and Brigham showed up to share a pitcher of yuengling with us. The weather was fairly gloomy but we made the best of it. The Next morning I went over to my old office for lunch with the gang, we went to the Reading Terminal. Then it was off to Fabric row with my Fabulous Blog & Balm Girl Sara. It was great to see her! We hit all our old fav. Shops then headed to Happy hour where all of the old Dagit Saylor and Agooslovera Gang. Which was Great; thanks for making our trip back to Philly so remember able. Gene and I hit Sammy stakes on Saturday and spent some quality time walking our favorite streets. Sara and I even made it to the start of The Distance run on Sunday, and we will never tell how far we made it. :)

I have been knitting fingerless mittens for the past month or so. The single mitt shown above was my first and I ran out of yarn to make the pair. So I am still on the search for a ball of this yummy stuff.
Ps. Check out my shop, not that there is much in it... but I actually made

birthdays and running, remodelling and time off

sooo. i've been enjoying my time in between jobs. i've gotten a lot done in the past week and a half. i did more demolition in the kitchen (there isn't all that much left to be demolished... i feel like that's all i say... "we broke shit in the kitchen"...) , filled a consignment order for the curiosity shoppe here in philly (on fourth and south), i turned 25!, shanna came to visit and we "ran" the half marathon on sunday (well, ran then stopped and met her husband for brunch), i built a bookshelf in the living room, picked out and ordered all of my kitchen cabinets (see? i demolish, but there will be new stuff eventually!) and i got my puppy, janie!
yipppeee! janie!
janie's a lab mix, she's 9 months old and she's the sweetest dog ever.
of course i'll post a photo when i can get her to sit still for more than 2 seconds, since she's not exactly lounging and posing so far. but she's been super good - she's so friendly, lovable, and she's been my shadow for the 30 hours that i've had her so far. she pretty much just wants to be with us all the time.

oh! and i learned that in south philly, you have to bribe your trashman in order for him to take your trash if you have more than, like, 4 bags. which is completely absurd to me, and i'm so naive that i had no idea what he was saying when he kept repeating "you have to take CARE of your trash man". i was like "what?" and he kept saying "what part don't you understand?" and finally it dawned on me - if i give him $20, we can probably put out whatever trash we want and he'll take it. soooo. yeah. uh, wtf?

and i'll sign off with this tote that i made from this fabric i found last week on fabric row. it's completely ridiculous. i love it. i bought 5 yards, and liked it so much that i went back and bought another 5 yards (10 yards is HUGE for me - i usually don't buy more than 3 or 4 yards of anything, to prevent myself from making the same thing over and over again). and... i don't want to write much more since there's a project runway marathon and holy crap, i can't stop watching. eeeeee!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

last day

well, today's my last day at dagit-saylor. i just finished up some presentation drawings and after lunch, i'm out. i can't say i'm super sad, but that's mostly because i'm taking a much-needed break between jobs (to work on my kitchen and get a jumpstart on a whole lot of etsy projects i've been meaning to get to for some time now). so i'm really looking forward to a little more than two weeks of living a life of leisure (well, at least a life on my own schedule... i'm probably incapable of complete leisure.)
but it's been super fun here - there are quite a few entertaining people at DSA. and many conversations over speculations about the illusive ">suri cruise. bodhi's pretty much obsessed with suri cruise at this point, and now it's just entertaining to see how often we can get our boss who sits between us to talk about her. so... it's a fun office.
i'll leave you here with a photo of the llama we painted for 'abZOOlutely' - a charity something having to do with chestnut hill and painted fiberglass animals. uhhh... yeah.

we called it the trolley llama.

and my favorite piece of good new is (are you ready for this?) christopher has promised to get me a dog for my birthday! so we're going to the shelter next weekend to adopt a new member of team bancroft. i'm sooooo excited. i'm not stuck on any particular breed, but i love goldens and labs for their disposition and because i just like medium to big sized dogs. they're so lovable and perfect. so... i'm taking votes on names. wheee! submit your vote for a name via comment below. yipppeee!

Friday, September 01, 2006

n.e.e.t. magazine

i'm pretty excited because the new issue of n.e.e.t. magazine comes out today and girlscantell has claimed a page. it's the kick off of my whirlwind autumn, the first little baby step in my efforts to get serious about this little endeavor of mine. this weekend the lovely erin brings her silkscreen table over to my house and i cannot wait. then in three weeks, finnifer joins team bancroft and, well, braces yourselves for a whole new level of amazing.
here's the ad i designed for n.e.e.t. magazine: