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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sew or Knit? I'm missing It!

A Birthday present for my friend Marcie- New fancy wallet and Some lip balm!

I have got all my hats in a row.

Now they are in the box - Off they go to an Atlanta art fair Hope they sell.

A new wallet for my friend Laura ann - A thank you gift for selling my hats at the Art fair!

I have been so busy lately I have not even been able to do any Knitting or Sewing. Although earlier in the month I made a big effort to send down some of my baby hats and some new adult hats for a craft fair in Atlanta, Georgia. My great friend Laura Ann was selling some of her art work and she included me... How nice of her! I didn't really do that well I only sold 3 hats and non of my new fancy Big City lip balm, which is a take off Sara and my original creation QueenBee balm -This web site is named after it!!

Things have been crazy for me at work since the craft fair effort. I have been unable to even pick up my knitting needles which has almost killed me. But it paid off. I have passed my LEED exam and now going to have LEEP AP after my name on my new business cards. How fancy, and just in time before the test changes at the end of the month. Okay since it is 10 pm and I am still at work... I better get back to it!

This weekend I will start knitting again! Whaoo!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

take out all the time

so... i'm redoing the kitchen. completely. those of you who have been to my flickr page or have ever met me already know this. it's life consuming, completely and utterly.
the side effect of not having a hooked up oven or a kitchen sink is that you eat food made by other people all the time. so i thought i'd dedicate a post to all the places in the city we've eaten since this debacle started. it's a partial list because, well, it's been about 3 weeks or so now, and i don't remember what we ate all those times...
govindas [broad | south] - vegetarian fast food
abbisinia [west philly] - ethiopian
francoluigi's [13th | tasker] - our local pizza place
mazza [south philly] - mediterranean delivery
new noodle heaven [12th | snyder] - well, we ordered from here, but they don't take cards...
golden empress [south street] - best veggie chinese food in the city
the sushi place on chestnut - yum, sushi.
whole foods salad bar [10th | south] - delicious easiness, always barbequed tofu
horizons [6th | bainbridge] - amazing all organic, all vegan gourmet cuisine
azure [2nd | brown] - seitan tips. unreal. [techinically, they're 'vacation cuisine', whatever that means]
south philly tap room [15th | mifflin] - our local neighborhood pub. i miss the portobello burger a LOT.
giannas / giannas jr [the one on 20th delivers] - it's gross and greasy, but it's filling and they deliver.
ikea [columbus blvd] - yeah, i'm obsessed. their food does leave something to be desired, i admit.
ihop [snyder] - jen and i are LAME.
o sandwiches [unfortunately on the same intersection as effing genos] - delicious tofu sandiwches on baguettes
fergie's [12th | sansom] - excellent center city pub.
good dog [15th st | walnut] - we're totally gonna sneak janie's picture onto the wall, really great cc pub
nodding head [15th | sansom] - i always forget that i really don't think their beer is very good. but their salads kind of rule.
pad thai [18th | sansom] - tofu rolls on the way to rittenhouse at lunch
paolo's pizza [13th | pine] - they gave chris a free slice one night. he was soooo thrilled.
la esperanza[the wilds of nj] - this mexican place actually merits driving to nj for dinner.

so. yeah. i'm actually super excited about just cooking for myself. i mean, i want the kitchen done because i'm excited to see a space that i basically completely designed and i know it'll make living in the house infinitely more pleasant, but mostly i just want to sit at a kitchen table and eat something normal. something i didn't have to order. i actually miss grocery shopping for things other than ice cream, plastic spoons and orange juice.
this is my motivation for getting the drywall behind the cabinets up and primed this weekend, and the cabinets slid into place. i think after these things are done, it'll feel like we've made as much progress as we actually have...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

oh gosh

things here have been super busy (hence the lack of updates - sincerest apologies!)
christopher got me a dog dog for my birthday, so of course she has her own photo set at my flickr page. we've been working on housebreaking her (she's a good girl, but she is just a puppy - she's 9 months old). she came from the morris animal refuge on lombard street here in the city, so we're happy to have her here at the house of tran.

we've also been making big progress on the kitchen. we completely demolished all the drywall that was existing, took up the subfloor and realized there was no repairing the old floor framing, we really needed to just replace the whole thing instead. so we reframed the kitchen floor and put down new plywood. and i bought the cork for the floor.
then we started working on the drywall and the kitchen cabinets arrived. they're absolutely gorgeous, and the color of the wood finish i picked goes really nicely with the tones of the exposed brick i'm leaving, the existing finished hardwood and the cork. it's all just coming together really well.

so. the kitchen project has been somewhat life consuming, but i did actually start my new job in the meantime, and i really like it so far. i'm working on a residential project right now, which is a familiar scale considering all the work i'm doing here on the rowhouse...

but i have been doing some making of bags and whatnot, too. i did a show here in the city - the philebrity street fair in northern liberties, and have been consignging lots of handmade goodies with the curiosity shoppe on fourth street and the girls at the mew gallery. i'm excited about both locations because they're such different little shops and both great in their own ways, and both in really hot locations.

other than that, i'm trying to maintain my little online shop , of course.
i'm hoping to have some time to update my pick of the week soon! keep checking back, i'll try to post one on thursday.

see you soon!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Fishing and Fire weekend

beautiful colors...

I love the orginization....

Last weekend was a very exciting family fishing trip. Trips like this are why Gene and I moved from Philadelphia. I am really glad I didn't miss this trip. I was able to spend time visiting with my Grandma and Grandpa and well as my aunt and uncle. My Dad and Pam made the trip most memorable with their spontaneous bon fire. It was the 1st time I have ever had to call 911 and I can only hope that it will be my last.

Before my trip to Philadelphia last month I bought a new camera. I am in love with my camera, I am so happy with the images I am able to capture with it. On the fishing trip - I did not catch a single fish mostly I just feed the fish their dinner, my bobber would bob and dunk but never did I pull one out of the pond. It might be just as well because I don't think I could have taken it off the hook. I did how ever gain appreciation for the colors of the lures and the organization of a mans tackle box. see photos above. I have been knitting hats like crazy. I am hoping to send them down to my girl friend in Atlanta for an art show she is doing the middle of the month. I will post them later this week.

Where is my Friend Sara who wears skirts?... she is normally so good a posting on our site...
She must be busy with her new Job and new Puppy!