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Saturday, November 25, 2006

a little bit of fun

today i finally rearranged everything in my basement workspace to create a silkscreen table! i'm so proud because everything i used to make the table / worksurface is reused. i recycled the old cabinets from the kitchen that came with my house when i bought it, and an old closet door that we took down from the sewing room closet is the tabletop.
it's a really huge worksurface and i can't wait to begin making things on it!

yesterday i went to the sale at the art store to buy some screens and things, so i'm heading downstairs now to start coating the screens with emulsion.
soooo... cross your fingers that it goes well. yippee!

Friday, November 24, 2006

busy busy

well, things are about to switch gears here in south philly.
the kitchen is sooooo close to being done (i don't want to talk about it right now, i'll definitely post an 'after' photo sometime soon), so i'm getting ready to walk out the door this afternoon to invest in new silkscreening equipment.
i'm not sure i can convey how excited this makes me. i bought a ton of stuff to screen on, so i'll be preparing for my big show at the University of Pennsylvania, the second weekend in december.
i'm hoping i get my laptop back from its adventure in maryland where it's receiving a new 100GB hard drive (yeah, i went big, because i don't want to have this sort of scare ever again... i'm still waiting to hear how much data they were able to recover). i can't wait to get back to listing regularly on the new etsy.
if you haven't played around much yet, i seriously recomment you do. it's most definitely growing on me.

so, that's the big news.
janie and i went home to my parents house for thanksgiving, and she was on her best behavior the whole time. she's still most definitely the cutest dog EVER.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The day before ....

The day before Thanksgiving and what do you see?
I see a Beaver has cut down a tree. ....

Tomorrow I leave the city for a 4 hour car ride to rural Ohio, we will share thanksgiving dinner with my husbands family.
I love road trips, I have always loved to travel and in my opinion car trips are the best. I get to watch the landscape fly, knit in the car, listen to good music all while spending quality time with my hubby!!

Yesterday I sat down and made made a over all Christmas list for those I want to "make for" not buy for. I will buy this year too... but mostly I plan to make. What you ask... well you will just have to wait and see.

Above is a photo I took a month or so ago, while out on a field trip with work.
The leader of our hike told us that This little beaver
(okay not that exact beaver) cut the tree down in just one night. His craftsman ship is superb, his teeth are strong.....
I just had to share.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

rough week here

well, i'll get right to the point and say there will be little action in the virtual world of girlscantell this week, as my beloved powerbook will make its way to baltimore for some servicing. it's very ill-timed and makes me really sad, but that's the way it is.
on the bright side, it means that once my super laptop returns, i'll have lots of good stuff to share - i'll be finishing the kitchen and sewing up a storm in its absense.
in the meantime, go browse over at the new etsy. they made our favorites lists visible to the masses, so you can see all the shops i adore by clicking on my favorites in the right hand column.

Build A Tree!

I am not sure why - but the last few years I have really starting to get into the Holiday season. It may be the family gatherings and great food or maybe just the chill in the air that promises snow.

This year being new to Chicago, I find that their way of "building" the city's Christmas tree fascinating. Why go out into the forest and chop down an old beautiful tree, that has lived many years, when you can chop down 20 medium trees and build a Huge Tree!

I still can't decide if it is the eco friendly way to go.... but I do like the concept ... Check out the process.

Sara.... good job on your kitchen it sounds like it is coming along, and I love the counter top choice.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

janie's first word

this is completely insignificant, really, but it seems like the sort of thing that gets blogged about...
janie barked today. it's the first time we've heard her bark. we were just lying in bed this morning and she was in the hallway, when seemingly out of no where, she barked two or three times.
it was so odd.

what, janie? what is it? what do you have to say now, after being here for two months and not barking once?
she's the funniest dog ever.

[the photo is her in her halloween costume, by the way. she was jane fonda.]

Saturday, November 11, 2006

back to it.

well, the kitchen isn't quite done yet, but it's getting pretty close.
we finished the hanging and spackling of the drywall a couple weekends ago (hanging drywall is hard work... who knew?) and then we primed. then we hung the ceiling drywall, and primed that. the cabinets arrived before all this was done, so working around the big packages was a bit of a challenge.
then i picked out my countertops. i was really gung-ho about getting my friend in charlottesville to build me a custom concrete countertop, but it would have taken quite some time for the concrete to set in the form, plus portland concrete isn't a very environmentally friendly product, so i chose paperstone as my countertop material instead. my counter will be 100% post consumer recycled product, a composite material held together with a low-toxin water based resin. i'm super excited about it. it arrived at a local cabinet maker's shop on friday, and they're going to cut it to my dimensions.
so we've painted the ceiling, painted the walls with bioshield paint, a no VOC paint product that was actually really nice to use - it has a great texture when dry and doesn't drip much when you're painting because the product is almost as thick as pancake batter in the can. the walls are a blend of artichoke green with a little white mixed in to lighten it up a bit.

so. that's what's going on here. the stove works, and the cabinets have all been tentatively put in place as we wait for the countertops to arrive to permentantly install them, and we hooked up my dishwasher today. i'm in love with my dishwasher, seriously.

on the etsy front, i'm super excited about v.2 that is being released to the general public on monday. i'm hoping to catch up this weekend and make a bunch of goodies to have in a little reserve for frequent new listings to my shop. i'm still just barely hanging on at the top sellers list, which comes as a surprise to me, with how life-consuming the kitchen renovation has been. my work has, however, been really successful in the few places i consign in the city, so that's a good thing. i still have a rll of kelly green vinyl that i'm waiting to take full advantage of, so i bet it'll be creeping into more and more of my work to come.
so, it's all about gearing up for the christmas rush (and crossing fingers). i have a short wishlist of things that i think will make my shop even better for the holiday - gift wrapping, a stamp to make hangtags with wash instructions for my goodies, and lots, lots more.

sorry i've been so deliquent about posting here! like miss shanna, i've been pretty busy at my job. congrats on the LEED certification! that's outstanding! [i hope you're proud of my eco-conscious countertops!].

love always,

Friday, November 10, 2006

twist my arm

An early Thanks Giving dinner with my family leads to the discovery of why I am addicted to knitting. Okay that might be an over statement but I did discover as a small girl I was often know to wear a hand knitted sweater! My Granny was a sweater knitting fool. My mom pulled out about 10 sweaters from her cedar chest that she has Saved. They were all so cute and little. My favorites are the Owl and the blue bear sweaters. As a child I must have loved theses Sweaters my Granny even made 2 Owl sweaters in two different sizes. The blue bear sweater was more of a vest but the detail of the cute buttons - rocked. I am definitely going to start including cute buttons in my work.

I can't leave for the weekend with out posting yet another hat. We all know I am addicted to knitting hats I think they are wonderful quick projects that offer a canvas with out limits. Above is a hat I am knitting for my Great friend Asia. She lives in Philly and sent me one of her fav. black hats to have it reproduced in cream. I have never done cables before and I am happy with the out come. It is not exactly like her first hat but it is close and I hope she likes it. Just in time for cold weather to arrive in Philly. It is suppose to be in the 30s here this weekend and cold! yuck Chicago weather can really suck! Owell I guess I will just stay in side and knit. - Twist my arm!