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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do What?

Back from the Holiday Loop. Chicago to Indiana, Indiana to Ohio, Back to Chicago in 3 days. Wahoo! I had a wonderful Christmas and am looking forward to 2007. I will try and list 10 things I did in 2006 ....

Hopefully I have done ten things...

1. Moved from Philly to Chicago.
2. Started a new job at OWP/P.
3. Developed my love for etsy and flicker.
4. Started The Total money Make over by Dave Ramsey.
5. Took a trip to Atlanta to visit my great friend Laura Ann.
6. Went to the brick Yard 400.
7. Took a trip back to Philly.
8. Passed my LEED Accreditation Exam.
9. Finished 1 art peice and 3 collages.
10. Bought my self a digital camera that I am still learning to use.

A few of my goals for this year are. . . .

1. I would like to actually have a shop and sell something on etsy.
2. Write on this blog 1+ times a week.
3. Finish my IDP program.
4. Travel to Florida to see my Grandparents.
5. Take a adventuress trip abroad with my husband.
6. Maybe even run and finish a foot race (which I never managed to fit in this year)
7. Move into a great apartment in a neighborhood I love.
8. Take a class or two.

top ten, tep ton

i've been so out of the loop this year. you know, the loop. the big loop of things that happen that people listen to or watch or talk about in any given year.

i don't think i've even seen 10 films that count as '2006 films', so i can't reasonably decide upon 10 best or even really recall them enough to rank them. it was a year of netflix for me - so my top ten films of 2006 would indubitably just be a list of 10 movies i saw. in no order, with no real qualifications other than i happen to catch them sometime in the past few months and i remember their name.

as luck would have it (or as homeownership would have it) i probably haven't gone to ten shows this year, or even bought ten albums that were released this year. it just wasn't that kind of year for me. a list of shows would likely just be all the shows i remember attending in the 16 months i've lived here in philly - a handful of performances i had the clarity of mind to get tickets for at the TLA, the church or the starlite ballroom (which i constantly want to call the satellite ballroom, the quaint little middle-school auditorium style space next to the plan 9 in charlottesville). and now that space boy's gone under, well, odds of me getting to shows with any more frequency are kind of crap. it would require a bit more effort, is all.

this is not to say i've been doing nothing all year - quite the opposite. in fact, if i was feeling argumentative, i'd say it's because i've been doing so much other crap that i've used up all the time i had for enjoyable crap like paying attention to new albums and watching films.

so, in no real order, here is a list of 10 things i did (and enjoyed doing, to some degree) in the year of 2006:
a] discovered etsy.com
b] got a puppy
c] spent a good amount of time on my roofdeck
d] drank wine and pretended to knit with my stitch + bitch ladies
e] wrecked a house then put it back together
f] visited maya in dc [and bought amazingly fun chairs]
g] became an entrepeneur
h] quit dagit saylor.
i] went to a couple dance parties
j] bought myself a lovely, soft, amazing new bed.

so, the year was not wasted. even if i can't even name 5 albums of 2006.

goals for next year include travelling [since i didn't really leave the city of philadelphia at all this year], taking janie to the dog park more often, wrecking and fixing my backyard, restarting the etsy shop pick of the week and being a better penpal. super, no?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

oh my oh my.

well, i guess it might be apparent from the lack of posts lately, or that i haven't really posted new flickr photos in about a month now, but my precious powerbook is still not back from the powerbook hospital.
they're having issues recovering a lot of files (oh no! i neeeeeeed my iPhotos!) but i'm still hopeful. although the whole thing at this point isn't looking very good,as i thought it was going to finally get shipped today, instead he's running another recovery program on it instead.
but sales at girlscantell have been hopping anyway, which is great, since i still have lots of goodies made from the craft show that never happened (yeah, i don't want to talk about that).

the kitchen is done! (well, fully functional). i wish i could post a photo for you!
christopher came over for dinner last night, one of the first sit-down dinners i've made at the new place. very great.

that's all for now. hopefully next post will be better news!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


so. things are slowly falling into place in lots of ways. big changes at the house on bancroft this weekend, but i'm excited about starting new things.
yesterday was a record sales day for girlscantell on etsy, so that was pretty amazing, although now i have a slew of sewing and order packing to do before i can begin to work on merchandise for my upcoming holiday craft shows.
but there's no stressing out here... none at all...

the kitchen countertops arrived today - they haven't been put in place, but i saw the full size thing in the color i chose for the first time and it's GORGEOUS. very much like stone (hence the name paperstone, i guess). slatey, almost. i can't wait to install it this weekend. oh gosh. then it'll be like a real kitchen!

that's all the news for now - that and a LOT of work. all kinds of work. all the time.

Let it Snow.....So I can stay home!

Well the Holiday season has arrived! - wow has it! -

The snow came down last week and it is still lingering around with the temps in the mid 20s here in the Chicagoland. I had 2 Holiday partys and a cold this weekend. so I didn't get much creating/making done. Yet I did manage to sit down to the sewing machine on sunday night and crank out a pot holder or 2 as well as repair some hanging clothing hampers that were in of a tune up. Last night I worked on some chirstmas presents that I am knitting and thought about somethings i would like to get done by the end of the week for etsy... Check it out I actualy have something you can buy one my site! Yep it was a huge step in the right direction for me! It's only taken almost a year! haha... and I am getting some costum tags made by Emily who seams to be the tag master! I am looking forward to seeing them! How fun!

Friday, December 01, 2006

etsy showcase of amazingness

girlscantell's designated slot in the showcase is january 7 & 8. so get your pocketbooks ready!
however, it changes every day, so go play!
also, i cut out fabric for about 25 iPod covers and 25 zippy cases the other night, so the pre-craft show frenzy has officially begun.