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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do What?

Back from the Holiday Loop. Chicago to Indiana, Indiana to Ohio, Back to Chicago in 3 days. Wahoo! I had a wonderful Christmas and am looking forward to 2007. I will try and list 10 things I did in 2006 ....

Hopefully I have done ten things...

1. Moved from Philly to Chicago.
2. Started a new job at OWP/P.
3. Developed my love for etsy and flicker.
4. Started The Total money Make over by Dave Ramsey.
5. Took a trip to Atlanta to visit my great friend Laura Ann.
6. Went to the brick Yard 400.
7. Took a trip back to Philly.
8. Passed my LEED Accreditation Exam.
9. Finished 1 art peice and 3 collages.
10. Bought my self a digital camera that I am still learning to use.

A few of my goals for this year are. . . .

1. I would like to actually have a shop and sell something on etsy.
2. Write on this blog 1+ times a week.
3. Finish my IDP program.
4. Travel to Florida to see my Grandparents.
5. Take a adventuress trip abroad with my husband.
6. Maybe even run and finish a foot race (which I never managed to fit in this year)
7. Move into a great apartment in a neighborhood I love.
8. Take a class or two.


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