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Saturday, January 27, 2007

yay! the powerbook is back!

wow! it's been some time since i've been able to write, since my trusty powerbook needed a new harddrive and appearantly that takes a whopping 8 weeks to do [i don't believe it actually takes 8 weeks for normal people, but for some reason it took my people 8 weeks...]

anyway. shanna. i'm tired just reading everything you're up to!
lately, i've been working on finishing things up around the house, doing the sorts of things i've wanted to do but that weren't super high priorities. like painting the living room, putting a door on the basement, trimwork in the kitchen, painting the built in bookshelf i built... fun stuff.

i've been reading a tree grows in brooklyn lately, because i realized i had never read it, and it seems like one of those books that everyone should read. well, i was totally right, as it's super good and i'm very much enjoying it. i haven't read a good book for fun in some time, so it's refreshing.

my little etsy side project is also going well. i have been silkscreening in the basement, and i have to admit, preparing the screens isn't at all as difficult as i thought it'd be. it's actually really fun. so keep your eye out for lots new stuff on my flickr page and my etsy shop with my own screenprinting on it. yay!

100 miles by april 1, eh? wellll. every morning, i've begun running janie instead of walking her, so i guess if i'm doing about 1.5 miles every morning with her, and then do a couple real runs a week or a long run on weekends, that's totally do-able. i was hoping to do the broad street run in march, but, despite my stop and go running with janie, i feel incredibly out of shape, so we'll see.

so. that's what's new for now! and i'm so jealous! everyone is spinning but me! eeek!


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