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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Celebrating his life

Today was a hard day, the last 4 days have been hard! I think when you loose some one you love it is aways hard, it takes a the wind out of you and makes your heart hurt, At least it does for me.

We have driven to Indiana twice in the last 4 days and I saw a lot of people that I have not seen in years. The funeral 4 my step brother Wesley Beaty was amazing. So many people loved my him, so many people! It was astounding the amount of people who were at both the showing and the funeral. If I have 1/3 the amount of people at mine I will be doing good!! The funeral was standing room only with people spilling out the front door.

I know it was really heard for my step dad Ed and my mom. - okay am I really depressing you or what? It was a sad day for me but today was also a time to celebrate his life, I know they always say that at funerals but I feel like this one really was a celebration! There were over 40 motorcycles in the precession, he was taken to the cemetery in a Harley Hurst and we let balloons go into the sky to honor him. It was sad but rememberable just like Wesley was for me, and all of those who knew and loved him.

More knitting next week! Yea the weekend is only 2 days away!!


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