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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It had been a great summer

I have had a great summer here in Chicago. I feel like I have done a lot, yet I also feel like I wish the summer would go on forever. We still have so many people and places I want to visit while it is warm. I am not looking forward to the winter snow. I can deal with fall, since i have knitted a few new fall items but I am not ready for 10 below.. I guess I am thinking about all this since it is supper hot today! O well enough about the weather.

I have been knitting and sewing. No big up dates to my etsy account which is unfortunate since I check it every day some times 2 and 3 times a day. I have done some yarn dyeing this summer(three wonderful balls of wool) - all of my yarn came out great. So great I have not been able to give any up as planned. I have started knitting a neck wrap (see below) which I am planning on felting it when I am done, even though I have taken the time to knit it in moss stitch. It will be so nice and warm this winter.
I am also obsessed with the baby booties pattern that every one else has been knitting. As far as the sewing goes... I have also been doing some sewing for my friends wedding in September. Which has been great so far although I still have a lot to do- I will keep you posted.

My friend Sara claims she is not a very good blog reader. I am just the opposite. I love to read had have a hard time up dating my blog since i can no longer do it at work and most days the last thing I want to so is turn on my lap top. I have blogs i check every day, I will try and share them with you some time soon .
Okay i need to do some knitting before my evening is over .... Until next time.
Keep cool because its hot out there!

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